You may have had certain experiences wherein you and your friends are hanging out in the same spot but mosquitoes seem to feast on just a single person. While there are many factors as to why the mosquitoes are in your area in the first place like heat and bacteria, a factor that also comes into play is your blood type.  

There are four different blood types, blood types differ when it comes to different sets of specific proteins or antigens on the surface of their red blood cells. 

Blood Type A – only A antigen on the surface of red blood cells

Blood Type B – only B antigen on the surface of red blood cells

Blood Type AB – both A and B antigen on the surface of red blood cells

Blood Type O – no A or B antigen on the surface of red blood cells

A 2019 study assessed blood type preferences in mosquitoes. This was conducted by providing blood samples A and O in separate feeders. It was concluded that mosquitoes fed more from the feeder that contained type O blood samples vs. the other feeders.  

A similar study conducted in 2004 had similar findings. Participants whose arms were placed with blood type antigen H (type O) were more prone to being attracted by mosquitoes compared to those with antigen A. 

Regardless of blood type, it’s important to note that having blood type O is not the only reason to blame for mosquito bites. 

Just because you and your kids fall under the other blood types does not mean you should be complacent. Still cover the basics of making sure your homes are tidy and clean to avoid mosquitoes. Moreover, take the extra precaution and make it a habit to apply insect repellent daily. As something you would need to constantly reapply, you need to choose an insect repellent that not only does the job but is also safe for your kids’ skin too! We recommend going for a deet-free lotion since with us parents, there should always be No Compromise.Share this on: