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Yes! Cradle is formulated with your baby’s safety in mind. It is the first and only baby bottle cleanser in the Philippines that is Biopreferred Certified. This means that our formulation is made from 100% plant based ingredients, and free from harsh chemicals that may harm your baby. Cradle is also certified non-toxic as certified by the Industrial Technology Development Institute, so it is highly edible and absolutely safe for your little ones.

Cradle Toy & Surface Cleaner is non-toxic, i.e. causes no harmful effects if ingested. All Cradle products passed the Department of Science and Technology’s Oral Toxicity Test, and unlike regular household cleaners, you can be sure that these are safe to use around your baby. Cradle Toy & Surface Cleaner is perfect to use on crib railings, high chairs, strollers, play mats, and anything that your baby might put into their mouth — your phones and tech gadgets included!

Yes, sterilizing is recommended especially if you are not 100% sure about your tap water’s quality. Sterilizing with high heat kills potentially harmful germs and bacteria that may be present in the rinse water.

Cradle Mama Natural Breast & Nipple Wash is specifically crafted for breastfeeding moms. Formulated with PENTAVITIN, a 100% natural moisturizing ingredient that helps protect skin from dryness and gives instant deep hydration to dried out and cracked nipples. This mild, non-toxic, and natural wash is suitable for everyday use.

Yes, the Cradle Home Natural Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer is orally and dermally non-toxic, so it's safe for your little ones to use. It is safe for 0 months up, but always remember to consult with your pediatrician before use.

Baby bottle wash / dishwashing liquid doesn’t harmful chemicals that your baby might ingest

It is advisable to use baby-specific dishwashing liquid or soap

Cradle Natural's Baby Bottle Cleanser is a safe, natural, and effective cleaning solution designed to remove milk residue, bacteria, and odors from baby bottles, nipples, and other baby feeding accessories. It is a non-toxic, edible plant-based solution that is free of harsh chemicals.

Using Cradle's Baby Bottle Cleaner is easy! Simply add 1 capful of the cleaner to a sink or a basin of warm water, then soak your baby bottles, nipples, and any other feeding accessories for at least one minute, and clean with a brush or sponge. For a more thorough clean, you can let the items soak for up to 10 minutes. Then, rinse the items thoroughly with clean water before using them again.

It is recommended to use Cradle Natural's Baby Bottle Cleaner after every use of your baby bottles and feeding accessories. This will ensure that they are properly cleaned and free from any bacteria or germs.

Yes, especially if unsure about quality of tap water.

Cradle's Baby Bottle Cleaner has a subtle citrus scent that is derived from the natural ingredients used to formulate it. The scent is gentle and is overpowering or offensive.

First and only USDA biobased certified, certified non-toxic and edible, proven to kill 99% of germs, easily removed breast milk residue

Cradle being BioPreferred certified by USDA means that our natural cleansers are not just safe for your little one, but for the environment too!

Yes, because its formulation is also edible. You can also use on breast pump accessories.

Yes, they are orally and dermatologically non-toxic sanitizers. Made from honeysuckle plants, they are also anti-bacterial.

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